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Focused Practicing

Jim Stinett was among many things, a professor at Berklee College of Music where he inspired and influenced many exceptional musicians including Charles Berthoud, Victor Wooten, and Steve Bailey.

In this short video, he talks about being focused when you practice. Having 2 or 3 things to work on, and knowing what you practiced yesterday, and what you'll practice today and tomorrow!

Time Managment

In this video, Jim Stinett talks about time management and being proactive.

-Manage your activities
- We cannot control time, but we can control our actions

- Become proactive and feel success
- Success is a planned activity

Looking for something to practice?

Give this a try.

Choose one idea from each column below, until you are you have something to practice! :)

Practice Rhythms

Use these rhythms to practice triads. Once you're comfortable, try combining them to practice scales and arpeggios (4 notes or more).

Notice that the rhythm in each bar is the same as the bar below and/or above. It just depends on how you want to count and feel it.

How to Master any Instrument

Charles Berthoud is hands down one of the most technically proficient bass players today.

In this  video, he talks about his seven steps to mastering any instrument. There are of course many ways to approach learning an instrument, but he is definitely someone I would listen to when it comes to the subject. His advice is priceless...take notes!

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