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Leland Sklar

Really fun to see it transcribed and played so great. A job well done!

Your Smiling Face - James Taylor

Bob L.

This is so sick you should be in the hospital. 👍🏻 excellent job

Kid Charlemagne

Paul R.

I couldn't figure out Danko's bass line by ear. Then I saw the first four or five bars of your transcription and it all made sense. Many thanks!

The Weight

Jerry E.

I really enjoy your videos Greg, they are very helpful.

A Four-Step Method for practicing Scales, Arpeggios, and Patterns


Thanks Greg for crossing my path years ago.

Space Oddity - Bass Cover and Lesson - Request


I listen to and watch your cover almost every day. The best cover of this song. Your video helped a lot in learning this bass line.👍👏

Miss You - The Rolling Stones

Jerry Jemmott

Very nice

A Beautiful Morning - The Rascals

Me All

Wow! Just “Wow!” That was so in depth and dead-on that I am amazed. Thank You!!

Strawberry Letter 23

Cesar P.

I was playing it all wrong…thanks for this!

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Keith H.

Thanks for this. It's a very accurate take and helped me big time!

Lonesome Loser

Frank D.

Thank you for transcribing the songs I have requested over the years and there are many. However two that come to mine are listed below. These were two songs I have been struggling with over the years. I have learned so much from all of your lessons and transcriptions. Please keep doing what you do.

People Got To Be Free (Rascals) and Make Me Smile (Chicago)

George J.

Thanks for this excellent transcription! I am learning this for a gig, and it saved me hours of time. It’s got such great use of rests, a real challenge but so satisfying once you get it down.

Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

#38K Don Corleone

Underrated, this is one of the best bass covers I have ever heard.

Strawberry Letter 23

Bassline Phunk

Dude. Thanks, needed this bassline before my rehearsal. I didn't want to go in unprepared. Lol 👍🏾

Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

Todd B.

Great job - had to learn this quickly and your video made it much less of a chore.


Ruby M.

great track, good choice. previously i was playing this by trying to mimic the guitars. your transcriptions are so good!

The Core

Mike S.

Nailed It: Out of the Park. Another great, acccurate transcription. Thank you so much, Greg.

Nicest Kids in Town

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